Passionfruit Fudge Recipe

passionfruit fudge

An exotic taste to add that WOW factor to your fudge!

Passionfruit Fudge Ingredients

2 cups sugar
1/2 cup plain (unsweetened) yoghurt
3 tablespoons passionfruit pulp (fresh is best, but tinned is fine)
2 tablespoons desicated coconut
1 tablespoon butter
Cooking spray for greasing

Passionfruit Fudge Directions

Into a heavy-bottomed saucepan, put the sugar, butter and yoghurt.
Over a low heat, stir gently until the sugar has completely dissolved.
Bring sugar mixture to the boil WITHOUT STIRRING until the mixture has reached the soft ball stage*.
Be careful not to overcook the fudge mixture or else it will caramelise.
Remove fudge mixture from the heat.
Leave fudge mixture sit in saucepan for approximately 5 minutes.
Add in the passionfruit pulp and dessicated coconut.
Beat fudge mixture until it has reached a thick and creamy consistency.
Pour fudge into a greased 9 inch x13 inch (or 22 cm x 33 cm) pan.
While the fudge mixture is still warm but before it has hardened too much, use a knife to slice the fudge into 1 (or 2.5 cm) squares.
Allow the fudge to set in the pan before you turn it out and devour it!

* Soft ball stage is when the mixture forms a soft ball when a small amount of it is dropped into cold water. The mixture then looses its form when taken out of the water.