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History of Fudge

Fudge was invented in the United States and it is said it was discovered on Valentines Day in 1886, however the exact origin and inventor is unclear. A story about how the very first batch of fudge came to be was a result from an accident where a heap of caramels were "fudged" and the sugar became crystallized botching the batch of caramels.

That same year in 1886, A Vassar College student in Poughkeepsie, New York names Emelyn Battersby Hartridge wrote a letter stating a schoolmates cousin made fudge and sold it for 40 cents a pound in Baltimore. Emelyn obtained the recipe and made 30 pounds of the fudge for the Vassar Senior Auction and then the word spread rapidly to other women's colleges about this new tasty treat. From the original recipe other versions were being created by Smith and Wellesley Colleges and the word of the confection. A traditional recipe for tablet in the book The Household Book of Lady Grisell Baillie (1692-1733), the word fudge was used as a softer modification of the tablet recipe in the United Kingdom. In America, chocolate was added for that fudgy taste making it very appealing and delicious.

In order to perfect the fudge in this delicate recipe, precise measurements and stirring constantly was extremely crucial for the right consistency. The mixture of sugar, cream and butter must be heated to a high temperature and then beaten to achieve a smooth, rich and creamy texture as it is cooling stirring constantly. When making fudge it is very easy to over cook or under cook a batch and in turn the sugar will crystallize from not enough stirring. The fudge components are similar to a drier variant of fondant. Corn syrup and milk fat are often added slowing down the crystallization process of the sugar. Controlling the sugar from crystallization is the key to making fabulous fudge that will not have a grainy texture. The quality of fudge heavily depends on the texture of smoothness and creaminess achieved.

There are many delicious fudge recipes online to test your skills to make some great fudge for the holidays for gifts. Many variations of this delectable treat may include marshmallows, peanut butter, pumpkin or cocoa and adding in some walnuts. Making fudge is far simpler these days then from the old days. Far easier ingredients with vast varieties of choices in flavors make for a most delightful treat. Experimenting with fudge is fun for the whole family to make. The excitement of the mixing and the cooling stages and the anticipation until it is finally ready to grab a piece and sample is a lot fun. From young to old generations, everyone loves a smoothie piece of delicious chocolate fudge. There are even microwave fudge recipes online for a simpler version. What a great recipe for fudge to just pop in a microwave and it is done and ready to eat.

Todays fudge using evaporated milk and perhaps some marshmallow fluff is a far better way than the old days. You do not have to worry about the crystallization factor any more and it is made perfect every time. Recipes for fudge varieties are online so go and test your talents in making some for your guests and surprise them with a new mouth watering indulgence.